Free Contraception or Cardinal Extortion?

•March 8, 2012 • Leave a Comment

This issue raised by President Barrack Obama Mandating catholic institutions to cover contraception was met with indignant dissidence. The Catholic Church and the GOP saw this as an assault on religious liberty. Personally I thought ObamaCare would be easier if it was just an expansion of medicare for the poor. Now we’re in an era of mandates. Niether Party is innocent of this. Texas Rick perry gave an executive mandating HPV vaccines for teenage girls. Virgina Govenor Robert McDonnell signed into law a mandate for women seeking abortion to undergo a trans-vaginal ultrasound. Meanwhile on the GOP Presidential Campaign Trail the infalliable Rick Santorum had spoke non stop about the most important issues to him. Not the economy, but contraception and Satan taking over America. This is fucking retarded! I mean how in the hell can the leaders of the GOP take a great opportunity to take on Obama and fuck themselves royally. It’s being yards away from the winning touchdown and handing the ball of to the outside linebacker and proceeding to block for him. Forget about a brokered convention; how about an expulsion convention beginning with the queerbaits in the GOP primary and these Christian Jihadists that want to have a campaign about turning the U.S. into the Phillipines. Gas prices are rising unemployment is still above 8%, and the deficit will continue to rise perhaps above the threshold of 100% GDP. As far as the moral conscious of the Catholic Universities and Hosipitals. Catholic Universites go against church doctrines by teaching evolution as fact, and Catholic Hospitials employ psychiartrists and therapists that influence their impressionable patients with secular views that violate their church’s moral conscious. Correct me if I am wrong but molesting boys and covering it up(a conspiracy that Pope Benedict has been covering for the pedo-bears of the cloth). That violates more than an oath to Dogma. However Obama should be ashamed for trying to pander to his base by encroaching on religious institutions when Sen. Ted Kennedy(D-MA) before passing wanted religous institutions to be able opt out of contraception and abortions. The biggest abortion are Uncle Fuckers in D.C. bending SAM over thus skull-fucking all of us and descendents until the end of time. We can sure use contraception after all our future is being raped all day everyday!

Is Obama sympathetic to the Nixon Administration?

•July 31, 2011 • 2 Comments

In an article recently published by the New York Times a Newspaper often criticized for being overly sympathetic to Obama Administration. Reports that the Obama White House is attempting “…protect the privacy…” of the 1975 Watergate Testimony. Now almost 40 years afterwards that excuse is bullshit! We all know that, however why is the Obama Administration looking to hide damning testimony of a highly corrupt Republican President? Richard Nixon and most(if not all) of his co-conspirators are dead which rather baffling that Obama would not want the testimony revealed. Could there be other motives such as unrelated classified information that Obama does not want available to the public? Barrack Obama the candidate promised transparency, but Obama the President has just about broken every promise that Obama the candidate has promised. If Barrack Obama is covering up for the only president to get caught for criminal activity then you liberal, independent, or conservative would have to be out of your minds to re-elect him. Democrats it’s not too late to decide subject the “chosen one” to a primary! What if President Bush was complicit in covering for Richard Nixon? Could it be that conspiracy theorists such as Jesse Ventura and Alex Jones have a valid point behind the insane rhetoric? Here’s the link for the original story:
also if your into conspiracy theories here’s my frenemy Randy Recluse:
Just kidding he’s a bitter enemy I honestly loathe him.

How Stupid Are we as a Society

•July 30, 2011 • 5 Comments

We seem to have been enlightened to the general stupidity of people. Usually everyone, but ourselves as individuals. The idiocy of mass hysteria is not a new concept. Usually new religious ideas, stereotypes of foreign groups, or speculation of a citizen of a tribe was enough to organize a lynch mob.
We observe through viral videos or the news and revel in being armchair critics as though we are the gods of perfection. On the contrary we cannot and will not evolve as a society until look within as see the bumbling buffoon staring back at us in the mirrors. There annoying habits and bumbling mistakes we make on a regular basis.
When we are able to all agree that we are all stupid. There are exceptions there those with disabilities that are ignorant, but they are usually slow to see that in numerous ways they are smarter than us. Forrest Gump “Stupid as stupid does,”
Many of us laughed and cried without catching the moral of the movie. Jenny whose intelligent, attractive, and had so much promise was stupid. She led a life style that led to her downfall; while the mentally retarded Gump capitalized on every opportunity that came his direction.
Being uneducated doesn’t make a person stupid; but having the knowledge and insight and doing what you know is counterproductive. The more you know and the less you apply than the stupider you truly are. If you know what the smart move is than go for it, and make destiny and fate your bitches.

Just don’t be like this guy! I know him he’s incredibly stupid.